Updated: 2/26/2019

Timbredio promises to protect all of our users’ data to the best of our ability.

What information we collect: Timbredio collects users’ email address in order for a user to create and log into a Timbredio account. Timbredio also collects name, phone number, and each user’s full address for users who decide exercise their option to submit this information. Users may also optionally use their Facebook User ID instead of an email address to sign up for an account, in which case, Timbredio collects the Facebook User ID and email address from Facebook.

In addition, Timbredio stores a user’s settings, preferences, “like,” “dislikes,” “ skips,” and “plays” on the Timbredio platform, the length of play of any individual song, the artists a user backs, and by what means a user was directed to Timbredio (search, social media, etc) in order to enhance a user’s listening experience. This information is stored separately from login information.

Timbredio’s lawful basis for collecting user data: Timbredio only collects that information which users opt-in to submit. Users must specifically, individually, and unambiguously opt-in to data collection when signing up for an account.

How long we store data: Timbredio stores users’ data for the length of a users’ subscription. Timbredio retains user data after the cancellation of a subscription in case a user wants to re-subscribe at a later date. User’s are always welcome to request their account and data be deleted. Timbredio reserves 30 days to delete user data after a request.

Third Party Sharing: Timbredio does not share any user data with any third parties.

Users’ data rights: Users have the right to contact Timbredio’s data protection officer at customercare@timbredio.com with any questions or concerns.

Users have the right to request a portable copy of their data in a common format, and have their data erased under certain circumstances.

Users have a right to view their data.

Users have the right to revoke their consent for Timbredio to use their data with the knowledge that this will result in the termination of their Timbredio account.

Users have the right to an overview of how their data is being processed.

Record keeping: Timbredio keeps a record of processing activities, including the categories of user data, the purpose of all data, and the anticipated length of time for the data to be kept.

Commitment to security: Timbredio uses the highest possible security settings by default for any data collected. All data is stored on a MySQL database hosted on the Amazon Web Services Cloud. Timbredio follows all industry standard practices for securing the server and database.

Timbredio will notify appropriate authorities within 72 hours of a data breach, and will notify any individuals within that time frame is an adverse impact is predicted.

Timbredio Inc. Privacy Policy