Frequently Asked Questions

For artists

How is Tambr different from every other streaming service?

Tambr is focused on solving a very particular problem for a specific part of our society. We believe that creators deserve a place to share their work and be fairly compensated for it.

This is not a platform for finding the latest pop hit or even finding golden oldies. We are focused on empowering new artists, allowing them to make a living off while creating something of value for their communities.

How do I host an event?

Hosting an event on Tambr is easy! After you create your artist account, sign in and navigate to the Aux Room link under the Social Listening section of the left side-bar.

Why should I host an event on Tambr?

How do I earn money?

What's the catch?

How do I collect my earnings?

Are there any exclusions?

How do I control my content?

All of the artist tools are handled on the Artist Management Page (AMP) which is the default view when artists

Can my events be sponsored by Tambr?

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