About Us
About Us

A musician turned technologist...

From a young age, Dominic was drawn to music. Often to the annoyance of his friends and family, he was always singing wherever he went, and by the time he was finished high school, he had developed the dream of becoming a professional musician. In college, he studied music, attempting to perfect his craft, but he failed to take a close look at the actual logistics of the music business. He bumped up against this reality very soon after he graduated, and faced with the terrible odds of "making it" and a mountain of student debt, he decided to put those aspirations to the side, "for now".

In the years that followed, Dominic found a new love, technology. He had a knack for data analysis and coding, and he loved how he could leverage these skills to make real, positive change in the world. But as his career progressed, he never lost the itch for creating music nor the pain of having let it go. It was in 2015 that Dominic really began to see the systemic problems in the music industry, the macro forces holding down emerging artists. At the same time, he saw technology as a way to fix this problem. He became determined to build the solution, and Tambr is the result of this effort.

Tambr is a platform built for enhanced social connection while empowering the artistic community. We know that there are strong communities who believe in the importance of independent art. Tambr is a place for them to connect, enjoy and empower these artists financially like never before. We know musicians need more than "exposure" to survive because exposure doesn't pay the rent. That's why we're focused on building tools that allow artists to monetize their work and better connect with those in their community.

Together, we can create a better eco-system for art and art lovers to thrive together.

Dominic Go, Founder & CEO