Empowering artists is good for everyone.

We were founded on the belief that artists deserve more for their work. That's exactly what we deliver.

Here's why artists love working with us:

  • Free.
  • Guaranteed play.
  • Host listening parties to connect with fans.
  • Earn $ by recruiting backers.
  • Earn $ when listeners like your music.
  • Earn $ from merch sales & collecting tips.
  • Maintain full ownership of your work.

Join our community, thousands of artists and music lovers creating a more beautiful world together.

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How does it work?

There are many ways for artists to earn on Tambr, and we're always seeking out new ways to support our community. Here's a quick rundown on how it works today:

  • Reaction Royalty (patent pending): We dedicate 15%+ of our revenue each quarter to the reaction royalty pot, and we distribute that money to our artists as a % of unique user likes they received during that quarter. Our historic average for this has been ~$1.14 per like which equates to ~850 streams on big streaming platforms.
  • Backers: Premium users can select an artist to back with their subscription. For these artists, 25% of the subscription is credited to the artist's account every month. Premium is currently $7.99/month which means artists earn $2/month for each backer.
  • Aux Rooms: Using Tambr Aux Rooms, artists can host listening parties for their new albums or just to connect with their fans. In these parties, artists will be able to collect tips, sell merchandise (coming soon), and even sell tickets (coming soon).

Sometimes it's easier to see things in an example, so below is a table showing how our artists earn from three scenarios over a three month period. Jen is a premium listener who has chosen to back an artist. Dom is a premium listener who has not backed an artist, and the final scenario is for revenues earned from advertising (note: Coca-Cola is not currently advertising on Tambr).

How do I actually get my money?

Earnings are withdrawn using the AMP (Artist Management Page). From this page, you will see all of your relevant metrics and request a withdrawal of anything you've earned to date.

At this time, Tambr supports payouts via PayPal or physical check. We charge a small transaction fee of $1.50 to process these requests.

Our commitment to transparency

Tambr was founded on the idea of empowering artists first. We know that there's a ton of incredible talent out there that's been silenced by the system. We want to help those voices be heard because we know that everyone wins when there is more good art in the world.

We are committed to full transparency in our policies. If you have any questions or would like to know more, please email us at and we promise you'll hear back from a real human in a timely manner.

We hope you'll join our community of artists and music lovers as we work together to build a more vibrant and inclusive world.